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Where Science Meets Tradition

Yoga Rooted in Science

The Yoga Lab is a yoga studio in Hingham, MA. The goal of the Yoga Lab is to provide students with a science-based understanding of yoga while encouraging students to experiment as they deepen and widen their yoga practices. 


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“For people who really want to understand not just large but also small and incredibly important details of yoga poses, Jay is kind of like Buddha. He has this really fantastic encouraging way of educating people. He’s not a standard grind-students-to-exhaustion power yoga instructor which is kind of strange because of his intense yoga background. He sequences classes so now I don’t feel crappy during and after yoga classes, and my whole yoga practice improved in a crazy good way”

“I’ve been dealing with anxiety and negativity, and Jay’s classes have made a huge positive difference in my life. The guy’s knowledge base is enormous, but somehow he’s not a nerd. He just keeps it real and is also funny as hell. Most educational, entertaining, and challenging classes ever. I have an advanced yoga practice, but what I’ve learned from his classes has been mind-blowing. My whole yoga practice has become stronger and more pain-free because of him”

“I don’t know where Jay has been my whole yoga career. He’s exactly the type of male instructor that yoga needs. But more importantly, he’s the type of human being that yoga needs. He’s not just brilliant in what he teaches but he’s also a really nice guy who genuinely cares about people. His classes are without a doubt the most informative and creative you’ll find anywhere. What he’s teaching is where yoga needs to go”


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