Yoga Lab

Our Story & What We Stand For

I’ve been dealing with anxiety and negativity, and Jay’s classes have made a huge positive difference in my life. The guy’s knowledge base is enormous, but somehow he’s not a nerd. He just keeps it real and is also funny as hell. Most educational, entertaining, and challenging classes ever. I have an advanced yoga practice, but what I’ve learned from his classes has been mind-blowing. My whole yoga practice has become stronger and more pain-free because of him”

Tim C.
Weymouth, MA

Established in 2020

The Yoga Lab is about its students. It is about offering the safest and most beneficial yoga which has the support of legitimate scientific research. For hundreds and even thousands of years, different forms of yoga have promoted better physical and mental health based strictly on observation. This means that after watching numerous students, best-practice methods were promoted in lineage-specific patterns from individual yoga instructors to their students. It is only in the past 20 or so years that more formal empirical scientific studies have been published which affirm many of the common teachings of the physical yoga practice (i.e. Asana). However, science also demonstrates that certain common yoga practices are detrimental. 

Therefore, the goal of the Yoga Lab is to provide students with a science-based understanding of yoga while encouraging students to experiment as they deepen and widen their yoga practices. Science traditionally plays catch-up to affirm numerous beneficial practices that many have often observed over substantial periods of time. Science also helps us understand definitive principles, and it is the melding of science and yoga traditions that can help us optimize our actions at a rate far faster than practice alone can achieve. 

Oftentimes, people use this section to list their past achievements like some sort of resume. As my long-time students will attest to, I avoid this. The reason is because the main goal of Yoga Lab is to promote seeing things as they truly are, not as we might wish them to be. In the world of financial investing, there is a famous saying: Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Similarly, to decide whether a yoga instructor and/or studio is a good fit for you, try their classes and then rely on what you experience to decide whether to continue on that path or try another.  

My background in the worlds of athletics, immunology, and finance combined with numerous yoga-related certifications only matter if I can translate them into helping my students. Since yoga is truly about the present moment, the details of my background are insignificant compared to the way that background is utilized to help you cultivate the safest yoga practice that also encourages you to constantly experiment and grow. 

And experimentation based on solid principles is the soul of what the Yoga Lab represents.


Jay Koh

Owner & Chief Instructor