December 30th, 2020

Best Wishes to Dagny Fabbri

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Written by Jay Koh

If you ever want to see the definition of happiness, it’s Dagny Fabbri. Whether she’s jumping for joy in a sprinkler or dancing to the beat of her own drummer, she exudes vitality and joy.

Like all of us, she’s also subject to some adversity. But I hear that she’s weathering her current leg injury with a positive mindset. And now as she prepares for surgery to fix a torn ligament in her leg, we send her our best wishes for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.

Fortunately, she has some wonderful treats picked up fresh from Maggie’s Dog House down the street.

Dagny, the Lab is sending your our collective prayers for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.

Lucy is wishing Dagny a quick and speedy recovery from one dog to another.

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