Important update

June 9th, 2022 Important Update Announcements > Yoga Lab Renovation Written by Jay Koh Dear Yoga Lab Community, Apologies again for having to change the grand re-opening date from Monday, June 6th to Monday, June 13. From last Saturday to today, the amount of work we’ve accomplished has been fantastic. This extra week has given …

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Lucy Berkin – Eulogy

July 9th, 2021 Lucy Berkin – Eulogy Announcements > Community Written by Jay Koh In a world that has become dangerously polarized politically and even culturally, we are often best served by temporarily suspending our focus on complications which divide us in order to create the space necessary to see those things that unite us. …

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About Memorial Day

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May 30th, 2021 About Memorial Day Announcements > Community Written by Jay Koh About Memorial Day… The Yoga Lab will be closed on Memorial Day. Many people have asked us to open and they say that because of the holiday, they would have a rare chance to take a class during the weekday. I understand …

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New Covid-19 Rules

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January 3rd, 2021 New Yoga Lab Covid-19 Rules Announcements > Community Written by Jay Koh Dear Yoga Lab Members, Hope all of you have had a wonderful holiday season, and Happy New Year  As you know, from the very first day we opened, the Lab has taken all sorts of measures to provide the safest …

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