June 19th, 2022

Celebrating Those Who Help Hingham Flow

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Written by Jay Koh

On this double holiday of both Father’s Day and Juneteenth, it’s a good time to be grateful to those who make our lives easier. Therefore, starting today and for the next 12 months, the Yoga Lab will be honoring unsung stars of Hingham who make the town the wonderful place that it is. We're calling it "Hingham Flows"

Our first spotlight is on the people at the Hingham Transfer Station (i.e. where we go to get rid of our trash). It’s easy to load up the car, drive over there, and then dump, swap, and/or donate various items that we don’t need anymore, especially because the place is remarkably well-run and organized.

So, a big shout out to John Grant and the other guys who run the place so well. It’s fair to say that they positively impact everyone who lives in Hingham. And we wish them all a Happy Father’s Day.

Eight quarts of cold brew coffee and a couple of dozen donuts are a small way to say thanks, and we encourage others throughout the year to show this crew your appreciation for the vital work they do.

In yogic terms, we often hear the phrase “Vinyasa yoga” which loosely translates as “flow yoga.” Vinyasa literally means “connection”, and this connection is what allows a person to flow from one pose to the next.

John and all his colleagues at the Hingham Transfer Station form an important type of Vinyasa that creates space through decluttering our lives so that we can stay in touch with the important connections that allow us to have greater flow in our lives.

So, thank you for all you do 😊

The Yoga Lab

p.s. If you have a person or organization who you believe helps Hingham flow, please let us know by texting us at (781) 291-3930.

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