September 21st, 2022

Yoga Lab 2nd Anniversary Party

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Written by Jay Koh

Dear Yoga Lab Community,

Thanks to everyone for making our 2 nd anniversary party such a tremendous event.

A few scenes from the Yoga Lab’s 2nd-Anniversary Party.

We had great weather, fantastic food catered by EuroMart of Hingham, and great music, as well as the entire setup courtesy of the Graizzaros. A huge thanks to Bruno, Joann, and Oriana Graizzaro for their critical role in the party’s success. And as we can all attest to, if you’re wondering how to contact the fantastic musician who performed at the party, his name is Tony Carchia, and you can contact him via his manager Lisa at (781) 710-3289 or by email at

Yoga Lab Owner and Chief Instructor Jay Koh welcomes the Yoga Lab community and introduces George, the owner of EuroMart.

The party is not really a celebration of the Yoga Lab itself but rather of our community and how we not only help one another but also how we reach out and help other organizations. It is the reason we pick small family-owned businesses to cater our events, such as the Bellan family of EuroMart, and why we make sure to donate to local as well as national and international organizations.

Jay thanks members of the community and introduces the organizations that will be receiving donations from the Yoga Lab.

Just as we did last year, the focus of the party is to be of service to the community. Therefore, we collected and are still collecting donations for the organizations we are supporting this year. The four organizations are: NephCure Kidney International, a non-profit organization which provides support to families and to researchers for treating rare forms of nephrotic syndrome; the South Shore Children’s Chorus, an organization that brings kids from the South Shore together to learn the important skill of working together while tapping into their creative sides; the Hingham Police Department; and the Hingham Fire Department. 100% of all funds raised will be distributed among these organizations.

Yoga Lab members Jeremy and Elise Warhaftig share their story and personal connection to NephCure Kidney International, one of the main recipients of the Yoga Lab’s 2nd-anniversary fundraiser.

For those who were unable to attend but wish to learn more about these organizations, we’ve included video clips from the party.

If you wish to donate, we will continue fundraising until Sunday, October 2nd. Please contact us by calling or texting (781) 291-3930

Thank you for all your support, and we look forward to another year full of learning, hard work, fun, and helping others. 

With much gratitude,

Jay Koh

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